BioSteel Breakdown - Maximizing Your Workouts - Why You Aren't Seeing Results

Going through the motions, we’ve all been guilty of committing the horrible sin of laziness. We made it to the gym, or on the bike, or out onto the field but mentally we are worlds away. Our actions are robotic, we’re doing the bare minimum. Maybe you’ve been feeling that way about your workouts. You’re struggling to motivate yourself in the gym, you aren’t getting the results you want, and just going through the motions.


BioSteel Breakdown - The Facts on Fats

Fats are back! The wave of “low-fat” items is slowing dissipating and in its place an influx of “healthy fat” options! As wonderful as it is to see there is still some confusion on what exactly a “healthy fat” is, how much we should be consuming, and when we should be consuming these fats.


BioSteel Breakdown - Collagen | Improve Digestion, Joint Health and Decrease Wrinkles

Collagen is all the buzz these days, but if you are still a bit confused on what it is and if you should be incorporating it into your daily nutrition we’re here to help.


Biosteel Breakdown - Grip Strength | Why You Need to Develop a Crushing Grip

When I think about grip strength I can’t help but think of our grandparent’s generation, a time pre-smart phone, laptop, self-driving cars and wheeled suitcases. If you wanted something moved you picked it up and moved it, I have memories of my Grandpa effortlessly turning impossibly tight wrenches, or, my Grandmother wrestling a soup pot that weighed as much as her off the stove.


Protein Peanut Butter Cups

With just 4 ingredients, eating healthy can't get easier! These clean Protein Peanut Butter cups are perfect for a post-workout or mid-day snack.


BioSteel Breakdown - How to Stay Healthy While Travelling

Travel is beautiful, a chance to be immersed in a different culture, pick up a few words of a new language, be exposed to new ideas, lifestyles, beliefs. The most amazing part? We can get anywhere in a day, relatively smoothly with all our limbs intact. Just because we are safe from oceans storms and raiding bandits it doesn’t mean travel is stress- free.