#TeamBioSteel Rewards FAQ

What Is #TeamBioSteel Rewards?

#TeamBioSteel Rewards is our loyalty program - designed to show appreciation to our community. Earn points for shopping, signing up to our email newsletter, reviewing our products, connecting with us on social and more. Redeem your points for products, merchandise, gift cards and even signed #TeamBioSteel athlete gear. Earn more points and you'll reach higher membership tiers. Each tier comes with its own set of benefits to enjoy.

How do I join?

Join online by creating an account and selecting the opt-in checkbox while creating an account. To create an account, click My Account in the top right corner of the website. Once you create your account, sign in and click My Rewards. Join Now.

How does the My Rewards dashboard work?

When you click My rewards, there will be five tabs: Benefits, Earn, Redeem, Activity and Receipt Upload.
Benefits: See the perks associated with each membership tier.
Earn: See the different ways in which you can earn points.
Redeem: See the items that you can redeem your points on including the point values of each item.
Activity: This is a log of all the actions taken in your Rewards account.
Receipt Upload: Upload receipts from purchases made at other retailers to earn #TeamBioSteel points.

How do I access my Rewards Dashboard?

Log into your account and select the My Rewards tab. You will see your name, points and all other information associated to your account.

How do I earn points?

Click the “Earn” tab under your My Rewards to see the several ways you can earn points. Receive points for when you make a purchase, write a review, subscribe to our newsletter, refer a friend, connect on Instagram, and during our #TeamBioSteel Athlete Achievements.

When will I see my points in my account?

Points from shopping will be held in a pending status until the product is shipped and delivered to your address.

Do my points expire?

No, your points will never expire! Once they have been generated in your account, your points can be redeemed at any future date.

How do I redeem my points?

Visit the My Rewards dashboard in your account to see your available points and rewards, and click the “Redeem” tab. Once you are eligible for a reward, you will be able to redeem items. Click the redeem button under a specific item you wish to claim. A coupon will be generated with a link to Claim Now, where you can claim your reward right away, or at check out.

How do I redeem an eGift card?

Follow the same steps listed above to redeem your prize. You will be prompted with a coupon code for the value of your eGift card. You can use this by applying the coupon at the checkout. eGift cards are valid for 365 days from the time they are generated and the value of the gift is applicable to the displayed value of the product, not applicable to discounts, shipping and tax.

Why aren’t my points immediately showing?

If you have questions about points not appearing, please send us an email at support@biosteel.com.

Do my coupon redemption codes expire?

Any coupons generated to redeem items will remain active until redeemed. You can see a list of all your activity on the Activity tab in the My Rewards Dashboard.

What happens to my rewards if I cancel my order?

If you decide to cancel part of your order, or your entire order, you will not receive the points earned from that purchase. The points will be removed from your account once the item(s) is returned successfully.

Can I return or exchange an item I redeem with my points?

No – products redeemed for free with points cannot be returned or exchanged.

Can I give my points to someone else?

No, unfortunately your points are linked to your account and cannot be transferred.

Can my points be used to cover taxes or shipping?

No. Points are applied strictly to the product value, prior to discounts, shipping and tax.

What if the products I want to purchase using my points are out of stock?

Points can only be redeemed on items shown in the Redeem section of the My Rewards dashboard.

What are the membership tiers?

The membership tiers are Rookie, All-Star, and Champion. These tiers are based on the number of points you've earned in a given year. Once you have reached a tier, you will stay in that tier as long as your points balance stays within the tier’s band limits. You will move up or down tiers as you earn and or redeem points. You will receive an additional point bonus for progressing forward to the next tier. You can start enjoying tier benefits immediately after a tier is reached. Each tier has unique benefits, visit this page to view the full list.

How do I achieve Rookie Status?

Create an account on our website and opt into #TeamBioSteel Rewards. We will give you 15 points for signing up and get you started as a Rookie.

How do I achieve All-Star status?

Collect 251 points or more to achieve All-Star status. You will need to maintain a minimum of 251 points in your account to keep this status.

How do I achieve Champion status?

Collect 650 points or more to achieve Champion status. You will need to maintain a minimum of 650 points in your account to keep this status.

What should I know about the benefits in each tier?

Free Shipping: All members of all statuses will receive free ground shipping on all orders. 
Gift For Reaching The Next Tier: You will receive 15 points for joining the program and becoming a Rookie. Once you reach the All-Star tier you will be gifted 25 points and gifted 35 points for reaching the Champion tier. Gifted points will be available in your account right away, without a pending period. You can see them added in the Activity section of your My Rewards dashboard.
Annual Birthday Offer: Members of the Rookie tier will receive 15% off for their birthday. Members in the All-Star and Champion tier will receive 20% off. We will send you an email around your birthday with a special promo code to redeem your offer online. The code will expire after 7 days and is available for a one-time purchase.
Additional Tier Benefits: There are additional benefits associated with each tier such as surprise samples and access to BioSteel events. Points cannot be redeemed for these benefits. We will share information about these benefits over email so make sure you are signed up to receive BioSteel newsletters. If you are not, you can sign up here.

How do I get my Welcome Box?

Members of #TeamBioSteel are eligible for a welcome gift as part of their first order within the program. Log into your account and go to the Redeem tab where you will see the #TeamBioSteel Welcome Box. Click Redeem, then Claim Now. The Welcome Box will only be added to your cart for free if you have another product in your cart.

Can I add another coupon code to get my Welcome Box? 

Unfortunately, we are unable to stack coupon codes at checkout. 

Can I add the Welcome Box to my subscription order? 

Yes, you can add your Welcome Box coupon to any subscription order.

How do #TeamBioSteel athlete achievements work?

What: Get rewarded when #TeamBioSteel Athletes perform set achievements on the ice, court or field!
How: Points are based on an individual athletes' performances in their sport and vary by athlete. As a #TeamBioSteel Rewards member, you can earn up to 10 points per Athlete per week and you'll find out how many points you've been rewarded by checking your emails (look for emails from #TeamBioSteel Rewards) every Monday and Wednesday.
When: Upon receiving the email, you'll have a 24-hour window to claim Athlete Achievement points. Please allow up to 72 hours for claimed points to show up in your account.

Subscription Products & #TeamBioSteel Rewards

If you are a #TeamBioSteel member and also take part in our Subscribe & Save 15% Off Program, you are eligible for an additional 20 points every time your recurring order is delivered. This means that in addition to receiving one point for every dollar of your recurring order, you also get 20 more points on us! You will see these points awarded in the Activity tab of your My Rewards dashboard.

What if I lost my receipt from a purchase I made in store?

Unfortunately, if you do not have a copy of the receipt from a purchase you made in store, we cannot honor the points you would have earned. Please remember to keep your receipts from future in-store purchases so you can collect points!

Have additional questions?

Please email support@biosteel.com.