Does the Plant-Based Protein Mix well?

Our Vegan protein mixes great in a shaker cup or blender.

Is your Plant-Based Protein Dairy Free?

Yes, our Plant-Based Protein is 100% dairy-free!

Is Plant-Based Protein as effective as Whey Protein?

Our Plant-Based Protein contains a blend of 3 plant based sources which make a complete protein and an amino acid profile similar to our WPI.

Why are there carbs in ARF?

The carbs in ARF are there to replenish glycogen stores (energy stores in muscles) after an intense workout.

When should I take ARF?

We recommend consuming the ARF immediately following a workout in order to take in key nutrients to help kick start recovery.

Is there any sugar in WPI?

The WPI does not contain any sugar and is sweetened with natural Stevia leaf.

When should I take BioSteel Plant-Based Protein?

The Plant-Based Protein can be taken at any time during the day as a healthy source of protein. Try it in your morning smoothie!

Is WPI safe for my kid to drink?

Yes, the WPI provides whey protein which is naturally found in milk and other dairy products.

When should I take WPI?

WPI can be taken at any time during the day as a healthy source of protein. It can also be used after a workout if one is following a low carb diet.

What’s the difference between ARF and WPI?

The main difference between the two products is that the Advanced Recovery Formula contains both protein AND carbohydrates. This is ideal for post-workout nutrition because both carbs and protein play an important role in muscle recovery. The added carbs also add more calories to this product which will help with building mass.

In terms of when to use each: we recommend taking the ARF post-workout and the Whey Protein anytime during the day as part of a healthy source of protein in your diet. For example, starting your day with a scoop of whey in a smoothie would make a great tasting and healthy breakfast shake.

Why is there sugar in your nutritional bars but not your sports drink?

Our nutrition bars contain whole fruits. All of the sugar in our bar is naturally occurring from fruit.

What flavours do your nutritional bars come in?

We currently have 2 flavours: Original Mixed Berry and Blueberry.

What sets your nutritional bars apart from your competition?

Our nutritional bars contain whole food ingredients as providing 12 grams of high quality whey protein isolate. This makes our bar perfect as a healthy snack option as well as a good source of protein at any time of the day.

Do your nutritional bars contain preservatives?

Our nutrition bars do not contain any preservatives.

Do your nutritional bars contain nuts?

Our bars contain almonds which are part of the tree-nut family.

Why does my BioSteel change colour when I'm outside?

The BioSteel Sports Mix does change colour in the sun. The product is still perfectly safe and effective to drink when it changes colour, as this commonly occurs with outdoor athletes. This occurs because there are truly no artificial flavours or preservatives in the BioSteel Sports Mix. Our colour comes from natural red beet powder and much like a real beet, if left in the sun it will naturally change colour over time. With one drop of food colouring this would never happen, but then you would obviously not be drinking something that BioSteel stands for.

What does BioSteel's Sports Mix ("Drink The Pink") taste like?

BioSteel's Sports Mix is mixed berry in flavour.

Does the BioSteel Sports Mix have caffeine in it?

BioSteel's Sports Mix does not contain caffeine or any banned stimulants of any kind.

Can I mix the BioSteel Sports Mix with my protein powder?

Yes. This is perfectly safe and many customers have found this to work well.

Can I use less or more than the recommended amount of water when taking my BioSteel Sports Mix?

You may alter your water levels in order to achieve your desired taste.