HYDRATION MIX / Cherry Lime - 24 Serving Packet HYDRATION MIX / Cherry Lime - 24 Serving Packet HYDRATION MIX / Cherry Lime - 24 Serving Packet HYDRATION MIX / Cherry Lime - 24 Serving Packet HYDRATION MIX / Cherry Lime - 24 Serving Packet

HYDRATION MIX / Cherry Lime - 24 Serving Packet

$29.99 USD

HYDRATION MIX / Cherry Lime - 24 Serving Packet

$29.99 USD

Serving Size

zero sugar

zero sugar

great tasting hydration

great tasting hydration

5 essential electrolytes

5 essential electrolytes


If you like cherries, this flavor is for you! Grab it in 24 single-serving packets for a limited time only! BioSteel’s Hydration Mix is designed to keep you hydrated throughout the day with great-tasting, instant hydration. Our zero sugar Hydration Mix powder is made from clean, quality ingredients, and with 5 essential electrolytes. Added vitamins and minerals help support overall good health, energy production and the normal function of your immune system. Simply add a scoop/packet into your water, mix, and hydrate! 

Our mission is to provide you with Clean. Healthy. Hydration.™ which means:

  • Zero Sugar
  • 5 Essential Electrolytes
  • Vegan
  • Caffeine Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free

HYDRATION MIX / Cherry Lime - 24 Serving Packet
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HYDRATION MIX / Cherry Lime - 24 Serving Packet

HYDRATION MIX / Cherry Lime - 24 Serving Packet

$29.99 USD

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes BioSteel the better for you hydration?

At BioSteel we believe in creating the healthiest sports hydration and nutrition products on the planet. Our Hydration mix is formulated with the following: 


5 essential electrolytes in fast absorbing forms and dosages for optimal and immediate hydration.   


Zero sugar: We use stevia, instead of added sugar, to support both hydration and health. 


B vitamin blend: To support energy production. 


Essential Amino Acids: To reduce and delay physical and mental fatigue. 


All natural ingredients: We use only fruit and vegetable powders to add color, and our natural flavors are derived from sources found in nature. 

When is the best time to consume Hydration Mix?

Hydration mix can be consumed before, during and after exercise to optimize hydration levels. It is also a great hydration option any time of day regardless of activity level! Whether it’s first thing in the morning to help kickstart your day, or as a trusted travel companion to keep you feeling your best on the go. 


"You can drink BioSteel's Hydration Mix before and during any exercise, or at any time of the day. I always keep it with me for my workouts and I keep it on the sidelines so I'm hydrated throughout a game. I start my day with a scoop of BioSteel and continue throughout, so I know I'm always hydrated."
- Ezekiel Elliott #TeamBioSteel

Why does my BioSteel change colors if I leave it outside? Does this mean it has gone bad?

The colors in our Hydration Mix are derived from fruit and vegetables, the colors naturally degrade in sunlight. This is completely normal! For best practices, please follow the directions on the label and store your product in a dry and temperate climate away from sunlight.

Can Hydration Mix be used as a pre-workout or an energy drink?

Hydration Mix is a unique, all-in-one, sugar and stimulant free product which can help support your workout. The combination of minerals, B-vitamins and amino acids supports healthy hydration, energy production and muscle strength and recovery, which help you perform your best. It is not an energy drink or pre-workout product - it is a healthy, better for you hydration product!

Why are electrolytes important?

Electrolytes play many important roles in the body. Drinking too much water without consuming electrolytes can throw off electrolyte balance, leading to negative health and performance impacts. Hydration Mix provides 5 essential electrolytes from the most effective sources including Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Magnesium and Calcium.  


Sodium maintains body fluid balance & prevents cramping during physical activity.  


Potassium is important for nerve signalling and muscle contraction.  


Chloride helps maintain proper fluid balance and blood pressure.  


Calcium is responsible for muscle contraction and normal heart rhythm.  


Magnesium is critical for supporting muscle relaxation & helps support over 300 reactions in the body. Humans are commonly deficient in this important mineral.  

Does BioSteel's Hydration Mix contain sugar?

Sugar is not necessary for hydration. In addition, most athletes and active individuals do not deplete glycogen during activity to the point of needing to replenish it with sugar during exercise. We believe in getting your carbs from healthy food sources, not added sugar.  Apart from having no functional benefits, sugar is linked to dehydration, energy crashes and is not great for your overall health. For all of these reasons and more, BioSteel products are sweetened with natural stevia extract, instead of sugar, to support your hydration AND your health! 


"It's really important to me that BioSteel's Hydration Mix is sugar-free, and it's sweetened with natural stevia leaf. Making sure I'm not consuming a lot of sugar is very important to my diet, my lifestyle, and my performance in my sport. Consuming a lot of sugar has some negative health effects, so i never have to worry about that with BioSteel's Hydration Mix."
- Tyler Seguin #TeamBioSteel

Will consuming Hydration Mix break my fast?

There are many different definitions of fasting. Generally speaking, our Hydration Mix may keep you in a metabolically fasted state as it does not contain any added sugar to spike insulin levels to any great extent.

Why is being hydrated so important?

Our body is made up of 60% water and our biological functions depend heavily on water. Water is continuously being lost from our bodies from our breath, sweat, urine, and any activities we participate in. Dehydration can have an impact on power production, mental and cognitive function, and endurance. Opt for BioSteel's Hydration Mix or Sports Drink to optimize fluid intake and retention.